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Are you on the path to
in your
Evolving Woman over 60, loving and wise, are you...

Savvy? Sassy? Strong?

Iris Stallworth-Grayling
Empowerment Mentor, LMFT (ret.), MA, Ht, CPC

Evolving Woman over 60, Loving & Wise

 Are you in the midst of:

Grieving the loss of a loved one
Learning to cherish & care for an aging body
A serious illness
The stress of taking care of an elderly parent or partner
Fear & uncertainty about a changing world
Feeling invisible, isolated or longing for deeper connections
Feeling unfulfilled or asking "Now what?"
Wondering how to build your Legacy

I do understand these challenges as I navigate my 70’s. Research validates that women thrive in collaborative supportive communities so I invite you to contact me to get support and connection as you move through the life transitions of this stage of your life. We flourish when we can share our stories of struggle & triumph as we ...

Thrive with Joy in our Prime!

Joy has depth as well as lightness. Joy has the ability to shift you from a powerless mindset to a growth perspective.  By consistently choosing where to focus your attention, you are creating your preferred outcome.

Joy IS a path to Power. That's why I often say, "Joy is not the destination... It's the boat."

Joy has 3 distinct vibrations:

Peace ~ Love ~ Play

Blue Jewel of Peace


Feel into the calming energy of Harmony, Contentment, and Fulfillment. Allow these 3 energies to continuously manifest a deep sense of Peace as you grow into living your Authentic Essence.
Red Jewel of Love


Feel into the connecting energy of Power from the Heart. This power is amplified by expressing
Love for all of life & those that touch your heart. Honor the giving and receiving that emanates from a wellspring of Self-Love.

Gold Jewel of Play


Feel into the rejuvenating energy of Creativity, Fun, and Laughter as you experience the world with presence and vibrancy. Slow down, notice, and embrace the gift of everyday moments of play.
Now is the time to fully activate your
Evolving Elder Wisdom

Your Self-Worth

Your Body



A Contribution

Are you ready to make your prime years your best years?

We all come to crossroads in life and it can be overwhelming to confront such a significant time after having already been through so many of life's defining moments... Perhaps you are moving into retirement, or facing the responsibility of caring for aging family. Perhaps you have lost a loved one or are struggling to manage your weight and health. Or perhaps you want to step into your legacy and explore new directions.

My passion is supporting women like you to successfully navigate these challenges while creating a lifestyle of Vitality, Joy & Fulfillment.  Now, it's Your Time to Shine!

Schedule your Clarity Call with Iris!

Hear it from Iris's Thriving Women!

With Iris's guidance, women just like you are learning how to get centered and love their unique path.

Iris asked incisive questions, affirmed ways my values can still direct my goals and with optimism, grace and humor helped me befriend my process rather than struggle against it. I can honestly say that I never received more sage guidance coupled with structured assistance.

Monza Naff, PhD

Iris not only guided me through insightful discussions & suggestions, she taught me to take back my life & once again become a happy, loving & successful person. Iris is truly a gifted person that knows how to approach, analyze, and give you the tools to use to enjoy your life and to become aware that the gifts you believe in & expect, you will attract. Thank you, Iris.

Lili Layton
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