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Nourish The Giver

Restorative Retreat for Women in their Prime
rescheduled for 2021

Replenish your body

Soothe your soul

Uplift your spirit

We, as women, are gifted with innate powers. We have courage and compassion, tolerance and love, patience and fierceness. We ~ mother, support & nurture others... We are The Givers.

This time is for You to breathe into the serenity of letting go… to be deeply nourished & uplifted.

Nurture your Innocent Inner Child ~ Embrace your Elder Wise Woman

The Retreat

The magnificent Pacific Ocean coastline entices you to open to this time being just for you. Tension melts away as the gently winding road guides you into the mystical magic of Ratna Ling Retreat Center.

Your pulse slows down and your senses come alive. Breathe in the nurture of the surrounding nature as Ratna lives up to its Sanskrit name, Jewel.

Feel the visceral sense of serenity enveloping you as you step onto the enticing grounds. Grow taller by walking within the century-old trees… influenced by their wisdom as they lovingly whisper calm contentment.

Feeling your Empress Essence, your heart will echo in harmony with the vibrations that infuse your innate powers with amazing unstoppable potential.

Joyfully step outside of your everyday momentum and step into the magic of expansive mindfulness and inspired possibilities.

Let yourself be swept away by Fun and Flow!

Perhaps you’ve been feeling…

Overwhelmed or exhausted or needing to get off the treadmill & reconnect to your inner sanctuary?
Be prepared to be pampered, rested & spiritually bathed in the soothing vibrations of serenity, harmony & play.

The desire to have nourishing & delicious foods prepared for you?
Let the chefs at Ratna Ling tantalize your taste buds with healthy, scrumptious vegetarian cuisine.

A wish to deepen relationships & make new meaningful connections?
You are lovingly invited into a community of evolving women in their prime who value the gifts of caring, communication & connection.

The challenge of taking care of elderly parents or a loved one?
Take a moment to relax, be your center of focus & satisfy your desires.

A desire to illuminate the gifts of your legacy?
Let the joy of exploration amplify what blows your hair back.

So why should You say YES?

You deserve to...

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience of surrender and soulful joy.
Be soothed by the breathtaking natural serenity of Ratna Ling.
Forge a new direction that awakens your senses.
Claim your heart’s calling for fulfillment & self-expression.
Love yourself more deeply and uplift the signature of your life.
Spend time with compassionate, joyful, powerful women.
Put your daily life on hold and come and have a boatload of fun.

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