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Please enjoy these inspiring stories from women just like you who are thriving ~ claiming their truest selves!

"As a retired college professor and private creative writing coach, my process had been complicated by the fact that for the past ten years a severe chronic illness has kept me away from the work world, and I thus was in need of adapting my current career aspirations to the realities of my physical energies.

Iris asked incisive questions, affirmed ways my values can still direct my goals, and with optimism, grace, and humor helped me befriend my process rather than struggle against it. I can honestly say that I have never received more sage guidance coupled with structured assistance.

She also offered open-hearted receptivity to tangents that might actually hold the seeds of “True North.” I have been honored to work with Iris to determine my path, clarify my needs and desires, and set goals for the next six months and next year.

I am now well on my way to my next creative venture, in large part because of Iris's particular and extraordinary gifts. I most highly recommend the coaching skills of Iris Stallworth-Grayling."

— Dr. Monza N., Director, Inner Growth Services

Having always been a person in-charge, strong, motivated, and confident, I suddenly found myself in a totally different place due to several life changes. I contacted Iris for direction. Iris not only guided me through her insightful discussions, questions and suggestions, she taught me to take back my life and become once again, a happy, loving, and successful person. Iris is truly a gifted person that knows how to approach, analyze and give you the tools to use to enjoy your life and become aware that the gifts you believe in and expect you will attract. Thank you, Iris.

— Lili L., California

"Iris helped me overcome a number of personal limiting beliefs in both my professional and personal life.  She has been an amazing and compassionate guide on what was for me a challenging journey.

She has helped me live a life that is much more authentic, true to myself, and balanced.  Due to her invaluable coaching, I have achieved goals I did not think were possible.

Best of all, the skills and tools you develop with her are yours forever, allowing you to face whatever comes your way with grace, acceptance and awareness."

— Janin K., Senior Manager, On-Site Marketing

"When Iris decided to transition from being a therapist to becoming a certified coach for women over 60, initially I thought I would simply support her choice by attending some of her workshops.

What turned out to be a surprise to me, is that our work together has actually changed my life. I feel like I have shed many layers that were simply holding me back and keeping me stuck. It had to do with how I was thinking. I didn’t believe in myself, never thought I was good enough, didn’t think I was smart enough, and specifically, I thought everyone else had the answers, so I looked outside myself for them. The biggest change was Iris helping me look inside myself and connect to my own internal GPS. Once this happened, I was able to see more clearly what I needed to do and then with her help, I could actually take what Iris likes to call 'our next inspired step.' This is different for everyone. Getting clarity about what that next is has to do with where I was at and what I needed. I couldn’t exactly get clear, but Iris’s help made it so. 

My life has been transformed. I now have my voice, I am now following my own path without worrying it if is 100% perfect or the exact one. I am learning to listen to that still small voice inside that guides me and I am no longer afraid about making a mistake. It is okay, it is only a choice. Being a women 69 years old, I don’t have much time left on the planet and with Iris’s help, I have now embraced my authentic self and finally, for pretty much the first time in my life, I am enjoying my life! Is it perfect, no, but I don’t expect it to be. But it is my life and the choices are mine and that just makes my heart sing. 

Iris is an excellent listener and she is also connected to her own internal GPS. This connection helps her to really connect with her client in a way that allows pivoting. She is not married to sticking with the plan if the plan appears to need an adjustment, or a tweak, or maybe a complete u-turn. This puts me in the driver’s seat and Iris helps me connect to my heart and to look at things and see possibilities that I might miss since the hardest person to really see is ourselves. The simplest way to say it would be 'go for it'"

— Athena B., California

"Iris shared a number of invaluable “tools” that I still carry with me. With her coaching and these tools, I have now formed a clearer picture of the future I desire, am building and maintaining more healthy relationships and am forging a new career path.

Beyond her skilled coaching techniques, Iris has a presence that is kind and comforting.  She is also not afraid to firmly (kindly) call you to task when necessary. This fine balance of nurturing and tough love is hard to come by, but Iris has made it an art form.  She is a joy to work with and has been a true ally in helping me achieve my goals."

— Claudia Pierce, Author, Freelance writer

"I was saying things like “I’m over the hill” and  “youth and opportunities are way behind me”. I now realize that having no expectations filled me with negativity and that I have gifts and talents from my Creator that I have not yet tapped. 

At 68, I can control myself and my life by my heart’s thoughts. I CAN hear them when I’m still and authentic….I am Savvy, Sassy and Strong!  Without this experience, I am not sure I would have woken up and smelled all the beautiful roses and had the energy to enjoy and expect.   THANK YOU, Iris!!!!!!!!"

— Sandy Haslauer, Former software engineer

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