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My Approach

Be the Empress of your Life!

Embrace your Empress Essence. Claim your sovereignty. Live from a flowing fountain of activated innate powers.  My approach is to guide you to receive the bounty of these gifts that have always lived within you.

To fully claim these powers as a woman over 60, you are supported by me to successfully navigate the many challenges in this stage of your journey. These rites of passage are hidden jewels that infuse your innate powers with unlimited potential.

Your Empress Essence energizes you to build your Legacy by tuning into your calling, developing your gifts & fulfilling your life's purpose.

As your mentoring guide, I offer a wide spectrum of empowerment strategies, divinely inspired guidance & an unwavering belief in your amazing unstoppable potential.

I see your Magnificence.. I take a stand for you and I take a stand with you.

Hippomena reminds us with a twinkle in her eye:

Live with Gusto & Joy!

Get your Empress On

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