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WATCH BELOW to learn how YOU can create an individualized blueprint to ENERGIZE your Vitality, SPARK your Radiance & ELEVATE your JOY!

Savvy ~ Sassy ~ Strong:

Blueprint for Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, Joyous Living
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Learn the secrets behind Iris's proven methods to finding Health, Self-Love & Joy as a woman over 60, so you can start to RADIATE your Inner Vitality to the world.

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By the end of this 90-day LIVE online program you will:
  • Identify your specific needs, character traits & success patterns so you can play to your strengths as you manifest your deepest desires.
  • Make powerful shifts to your attitudes about aging so you ignite your vitality, radiance & joy.
  • Navigate around the obstacles that keep you from being able to stay in the zone of consistent self care.
  • Feel confident & sassy by learning to tap into the essence of ageless radiant beauty.
  • Discover a quick immune-booster to be healthy during the pandemic.
  • Break persistent negative habits that zap your energy, bring you down & add to your waistline with 3 powerful pivotal questions.
  • Embrace my golden guidelines when caring for loved ones so you shift from overwhelm to giving from a replenished cup.
  • Create a personalized blueprint that will guide you to live your life as a woman over 60 who is joyously thriving her prime!

We All Arrive Here Someday...

Nobody ever said aging was easy! It can be a challenge to manage things in the way we did previously, to feel our best every day, or to cope with the mental barriers we form as we face many major transitions that seemingly appear out of nowhere in this stage in life! We may be caretakers or experience the loss of our loved ones. We may transition into retirement and begin finding it more difficult to stay active and alert, or we may now be wondering, what direction will bring me sustained fulfillment. Even when the changes are positive, FEAR can arise, HEALTH can suffer & true VITALITY can feel like a distant memory.

That is why I created this new program - to support women over 60, like you, to move through these challenges as well to discover the treasures of being in the prime of your life!

Over the course of three value-packed months, I will be personally walking beside you & supporting you to move from wherever you're stuck to wherever YOU feel the most Joy. You will learn my proven secrets that come from 42 years of guiding transformation so you can boost your vitality in ways that stick, rev up your health and wellness to support your amazing body & shift your perspective on aging to one that gives you permission to choose Joy.


Your Pillars of Transformation

Over the course of 3 ENERGIZED MONTHS beginning September 17th, 2020, we will journey together through the following transformational modules to OPTIMIZE your Health, Beauty & Zest for life, so you can be the Radiant, Joyous, VIBRANT woman you wish to be!

Program Content

Orientation: The Voyage
As you embark on this transformational voyage to more fully create a life that reflects your deepest dreams & desires, you are honoring the undulating path you have traversed. Your feminine elder wisdom has been forged by your life's rich tapestry of events. By stepping aboard, you are proclaiming that you matter, you have significant value & you are sailing toward your greatness.

  • Setting Your Intention Clarity Call
  • Setting Your Intention: Reflections
  • Savvy~Sassy~Strong Blueprint: Features & Bonuses
  • Elder Wisdom Sister Circle ~ Sacred Space Agreements

Pillar 1: Magic In the Mirror
Through a series of self-assessments & deep inner reflections, you lovingly hold up a mirror to reveal your primary values, needs, strengths & challenges. This deepened awareness illuminates the guiding principles that shed more light on your particular path to living joyously ~ utilizing your innate superpowers, playing to your strengths & honoring your journey.

Pillar 2: Chart Your Course
All voyages begin with surveying the landscape to determine where you are now & where you wish to be. Your clarity of vision that is crystallizing by the process of looking inside yourself for guidance has led you to set a clear intention that cultivates a commitment to receptivity, adaptability & authenticity.

Bonus: Boost Momentum Coaching Session (1-on-1)

Pillar 3: Beliefs & Breakthroughs
Inspiration ~ Intention ~ Identity: Filters that determine how you experience, interpret & walk in the world. Upgraded attitudes & a willingness to evolve give you the ability to powerfully shift from limiting thoughts, ideas & expectations to those that support being in harmony with your deepest inner knowing. You tap into your power source that is in alignment with who you truly are.

Pillar 4: Support & Accountability
You are guided by a series of tools, strategies & techniques that create an empowering framework that you can adapt so you transform your resistance triggers into success spirals. I also take a stand with you and for you by my unwavering belief that you are expressing your unique magnificence. You are a part of a loving community of evolving women uplifting themselves & one another.

Pillar 5: Celebration & Commitment
Rites of passage are acknowledged with attention & honored by noting its significance in a woman's life journey. Transitions & the gift of sustained undulating momentum is enhanced by celebratory rituals. As you celebrate your accomplishments, you pause & commit to your next inspired step, expressing your empowered essence.

It's been so wonderful to see these Thriving Women grow!

While the live one-on-one and group coaching calls, videos, assessments, and many other juicy materials contained in this new course are helpful, the real credit goes to each individual woman and her dedication to using these amazing skills and tools in her own life. I'm so proud of everyone I've worked with.
"Having always been a person in-charge, strong, motivated, and confident, I suddenly found myself in a totally different place due to several life changes. I contacted Iris for direction. Iris not only guided me through her insightful discussions, questions and suggestions, she taught me to take back my life and become once again, a happy, loving, and successful person. Iris is truly a gifted person that knows how to approach, analyze and give you the tools to use to enjoy your life and become aware that the gifts you believe in and expect you will attract. Thank you, Iris."
Lili Layton
My life has been transformed. I now have my voice, I am now following my own path without worrying if it is 100% perfect or the exact one. I am learning to listen to that still small voice inside that guides me and I am no longer afraid about making a mistake. It is okay, it is only a choice. Being a women 69 years old, I don’t have much time left on the planet and with Iris’s help, I have now embraced my authentic self and finally, for pretty much the first time in my life, I am enjoying my life! Is it perfect, no, but I don’t expect it to be. But it is my life and the choices are mine and that just makes my heart sing.
Athena Boucher
Iris asked incisive questions, affirmed ways my values can still direct my goals, and with optimism, grace, and humor helped me befriend my process rather than struggle against it. I can honestly say that I have never received more sage guidance coupled with structured assistance. I have been honored to work with Iris to determine my path, clarify my needs and desires, and set goals for the next year. I am now well on my way in large part because of Iris's extraordinary gifts. I most highly recommend her coaching skills.
Monza Naff, PhD
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