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Meet Iris

Empowerment Mentor  ۞  LMFT (ret.)  ۞  MA  ۞  Ht ۞  CPC

I have always loved dancing, creative projects, and uplifting adventures.

As much as I enjoy these activities, my deepest fulfillment comes from supporting women over 60 like me to navigate the challenges of this stage in life.  I’ve come to see that my life’s path has prepared me to guide these women to claim their genius, express their magnificence & create their legacy. In other words, to be Savvy, Sassy & Strong! 

My journey to facilitate transformation began as an adolescent when I started wondering why humans do what they do. Why do some people soar & others fall to the ground?  This intriguing question pointed me toward the magical world of psychology & metaphysics. After reading Wayne Dyer’s first book, Your Erroneous Zones, the genie was out of the bottle. I was hooked. This led to my life-long professional career in the field of mental health & emotional wellbeing from a holistic & humanistic perspective. 

I’ve had many titles ~ Licensed Psychotherapist, Empowerment Mentor, International Retreat Leader, Transformational Hypnotherapist. The underlying principle that ties all of these professional roles together is my belief that all of my clients have the potential to step into their greatness, even when it’s elusive to them. 

"Iris asked incisive questions, affirmed ways my values can still direct my goals and with optimism, grace and humor helped me befriend my process rather than struggle against it. I can honestly say that I never received more sage guidance coupled with structured assistance."

Monza Naff, PhD

As we move into a new decade, it’s such an exciting time to be an active participant in the community of global women who are expressing their highest potential. My world view comes out of a multi-ethnic heritage, lessons learned as an American living in Europe & traveling to explore the gifts of other cultures. 

A strong belief that it’s possible to become your Best Self at any age, especially when you are not traversing this path alone, informs my approach to empowerment. Research validates that across all cultures, women thrive in collaborative supportive environments.  One of my favorite sayings expresses it well:

Let’s spiral upward together!

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